About Us

CostaRica Casino is a growing and dynamic general practice law firm located in San Jose, Costa Rica. The firm has a broad spectrum of clients, including individuals, local and regional businesses, banks and national lending institutions. Located in the heart of an active business and financial center of Costa Rica the firm focuses its practice on serving business and corporate clients in particular.

Why we are the most successful law company in Costa Rica?

All information we receive from clients is kept in the strictest professional confidence. CostaRica Casino maintains the highest ethical standards.

Our team consists of many specialists capable of dealing with a diverse range of issues.

Great knowledge of international clients’ needs and expectations.

We offer long-term benefits to our clients, colleagues and shareholders alike.

We focus on fast growing E-commerce business: online gambling projects licensing.

Gambling shelf companies in Costa Rica
Opened corporate bank account inclusive. Full nominee service inclusive.
Approved merchant account inclusive.