Strictly Confidential Nominee Service

To keep highest level of confidentiality CostaRica Casino recommends using nominee service.

Nominee Director Services
Nominee directors are directors that we appoint for you. Each Costa Rican corporation must have a certain minimum number of directors appointed when registered. The directors’ names and some of their personal details are on the public deed of the corporation and this information can be publicly available. The nominee director will execute a power of attorney in favour of the true director.
The nominee directors we appoint are only there to fill in the blanks at the public registry and they have no authority over the entity for any kind of decision making.

Nominee Shareholder Services
Some shareholders may require confidentiality for commercial reasons. This problem is often addressed through the use of nominee shareholders. The nominee shareholder will execute a declaration of trust in favour of the true owner of the shares (called the ´beneficial owner´) in which it agrees to exercise all voting rights and otherwise deal with the shares only in accordance with the instructions of the beneficial owner. The name of the nominee shareholder then appears on all public records relating to the shareholding.
Annual fees for nominee services are dependent on the responsibilities taken on by the nominees.


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Gambling shelf companies in Costa Rica
Opened corporate bank account inclusive. Full nominee service inclusive.
Approved merchant account inclusive.