Costa Rican Offshore Company Formation

CostaRica Casino offers a broad-based practice with a full range of legal services with the main focus on licensing of online gambling projects such as online casino, online poker room, online bingo, online sports betting and other games on chances.

CostaRica Casino  establishes, manages and administers  Costa Rican companies to meet specific objectives including corporate re-structuring, wealth protection, tax reduction, cross-border investment and foreign market entry.

Key advantages of Costa Rican offshore company:

  • Taxation: no corporation tax is levied on non-Costa Rican sourced income
  • Financial Statements Requirement: Whilst there is no requirement to file audited accounts with the authorities, a company is required to keep financial records, which reflect the financial position of a company
  • Shareholders: The minimum initial number of shareholders (subscribers) at the time of incorporation is two. The initial shareholders must be residents of Costa Rica
  • Registered Office Requirement: Yes, must be maintained in Costa Rica at the address of the Registered Agent
  • Language of Legislation and Corporate Documents: Spanish
  • Our time to establish a company: 3 weeks

Our aim is to assist businesses to meet the legal requirements imposed on them by the main anti-money laundering legislation. We will achieve this through ongoing consultation, comprehensive and innovative training and the regular provision of relevant anti-money laundering information.


How to Proceed
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Gambling shelf companies in Costa Rica
Opened corporate bank account inclusive. Full nominee service inclusive.
Approved merchant account inclusive.