Costa Rica Data Processing License for online gambling projects

Data Processing License can be obtained by both local Costa Rica legal entities that are tax resident companies and foreign companies that do not have actual presence in in the country's territory but have registration here ( ideal solution for online gambling projects).

Data Processing License allows establishing, operating and managing online gambling activities internationally. Costa Rica citizens are not allowed to participate in online gambling thus having Data Processing License you must block all Internet addresses in Costa Rica on your web-site.

To obtain a Data Processing License in Costa Rica an office has to be rented in order for the inspectors of the local Municipality to verify that the business really exists. Prior to obtaining the License a Sanitary Permit must be obtained from the Ministry of Public Health. Several documents must be filed to the Municipality in order to determine that the corporation has no pending payments to these institutions. Once the Data Processing License is issued by the Municipality the office must continue open since Municipal Officers will make periodical inspections to determine that the business is still functioning.

CostaRica Casino developed the application process to satisfy all the requirements of the Costa Rica authorities that grant Data Processing License to the corporations.


Our services to obtain Data Processing License include:

  • A company incorporated in Costa Rica
  • Registered address provision
  • Company registration with the Tax Administration
  • Office lease contract
  • Health permit
  • Workers insurance policy
  • A commercial license
  • Data Processing License

Corporations with Data Processing License are self-regulated and free of paying taxes on games or gambling if they do not operate in the territory of Costa Rica.

How to apply for Data Processing License ?
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