Gambling shelf companies in Costa Rica. Gambling license inclusive.

CostaRica Casino offer gambling shelf-companies in Costa Rica with partial or full additional corporate services for online gambling projects.

Obtaining previously registered and licensed gambling companies, which are called shelf-companies, is the most efficient and simple way of launching your online gambling project. Shelf – companies allow you to avoid waiting for company registration, its licensing, bank and merchant account approvals. At CostaRica Casino you can obtain the Costa Rica gambling shelf company with the nominee director and nominee shareholder services inclusive. Also the opened corporate bank account and approved merchant account can be added to your shelf-company package.

Costa Rica is the most advantageous jurisdiction for setting up of gambling business and its licensing. There is no strict regulation of gambling companies and no certain requirements to the software and the location of servers. Costa Rica gambling company is the ideal solution for you to start your online gambling business. Obtaining the gambling shelf company in Costa Rica gives you the opportunity to generate the income in no time and launch the online project immediately.



Key advantages of gambling shelf company in Costa Rica:

  • Legal operation of the Internet gambling project
  • Fast time frames : the company can be obtained within 2 working days
  • Instant launching of real time payments at your web-site
  • Instant credit and debit card processing at your web-site
  • Nominee service is already included
  • Protection of the beneficiary privacy
  • Instant  cash settlements to your corporate bank account
  • Opened corporate bank account
  • Approved merchant account
  • No reporting, no accounting, no audit
  • No gambling taxes, no income taxes
  • No special requirements for gambling software
  • No license requirements for software

Our aim is to assist businesses to meet the legal requirements imposed on them by the main anti-money laundering legislation. We will achieve this through ongoing consultation, comprehensive and innovative training and the regular provision of relevant anti-money laundering information.


How to Proceed
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Gambling shelf companies in Costa Rica
Opened corporate bank account inclusive. Full nominee service inclusive.
Approved merchant account inclusive.